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Barkovich & Yap, Inc. (B&Y) has been providing consulting and expert witness services in the area of regulated utilities for over 25 years. B&Y provides strategic, economic, financial, and regulatory consulting on a wide array of matters related to utilities and utility customers. B&Y offers specialized advice on the operations, business structure, pricing, and regulation of the electric, natural gas, water, and solid waste industries. B&Y also supplies tariff design and interpretation, customer representation, expert witness testimony, education and training, and analysis related to industry restructuring. Our staff's unique combination of real-world experience, technical expertise, and policy skills enables B&Y to develop work products that combine theory with sound judgment. B&Y's modeling and analysis consistently acknowledge the constraints imposed by the economic, regulatory, and political context.

B&Y's principals have testified on numerous occasions as expert witnesses before Federal and State regulatory and legislative bodies and in civil litigation. We have been involved in the development and analysis of legislation and regulations. B&Y has been active in the restructuring of electric and natural gas utilities in California and has provided consulting advice on such matters in other states and countries. We have performed numerous cost of service and rate design analyses for a variety of clients in the electric, natural gas, water, and solid waste industries. We have performed studies for utilities as well as customers of utilities and have testified regarding those studies in the public hearing process. We have extensive public speaking and teaching experience.

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